Improve Processes with a Quality Focus

Become a quality management professional who champions quality across different organizational processes. Understand processes, identify opportunities and implement improvements. Monitor and measure the processes to ensure better customer satisfaction, delivery, product quality, and reduced costs. Get started with our quality management certification courses and embrace an enriching career path.

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Explore Our Quality Management Courses

Our Quality Management courses are powered by experiential learning and delivered by industry experts. An experienced quality management professional does much more than improve quality; they will also improve processes, increase customer satisfaction, ensure faster delivery, and save costs. Our quality management courses enable participants to learn how to achieve these feats in their organizations.

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What Learners Are Saying

Our Quality Management courses are powered by experiential learning and delivered by industry experts. We have helped thousands of professionals across 100+ countries achieve their career goals by being in leading organizations worldwide. See our Quality Management course reviews to find out what our learners say about our courses. 

Quality Management Lifecycle

The Quality Management Lifecycle management is a systematized approach to managing the various facets of product quality, reliability, and risk throughout the product development lifecycle. Understand the workflow structure in a quality management process. Discover the step-by-step procedure used in popular frameworks such as Six Sigma.

Life cycle

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Eligibility and Prerequisites

  • Candidates do not need to fulfil any prerequisites for attending the courses. 
  • Freshers and Experienced professionals can both attend these courses. 
  • Experience of working in quality management will be an advantage. 

Who Should Take Our Quality Management Programs

  • IT Managers
  • IT Analysts
  • HR Managers
  • QA Professionals
  • Team Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Improvement Managers
  • Quality System Managers
  • Operational Line Managers
  • Anyone interested in Quality Management

Quality Management Course Duration and Fees

Explore the best quality management courses covering the different concepts under quality. Our courses are curated by top experts and powered by immersive learning. Here is a glimpse of the duration and quality management course fee for all our courses.

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Quality Management Case Studies

Our Quality Management courses are designed to give a complete learning experience. You can enhance your knowledge with our industry-related case studies. Discover commonly faced challenges in quality management and learn how to overcome them.

Aug 2019 Quality Management And Control Tools

Learn about the different processes in quality management and a range of tools you can use to control quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality management is a discipline that focuses on assuring and improving the quality of products and services produced by an organization.

The eight principles of quality management are as follows.

  • Customer Focus  
  • Leadership 
  • People Involvement 
  • Process Approach 
  • Systematic Approach to Management 
  • Continual Improvement 
  • Factual Approach to Decision Making 
  • Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relations 

Quality Management plays a role in planning, controlling, assuring, and improving quality. 

Root cause analysis is an example of quality management. When a quality problem or error occurs, a root cause analysis uncovers the causes that led to the error. When done correctly, this can help identify and address these causes so that there is no repetition of errors. 

The four stages of quality management are as follows:

  • Quality planning 
  • Quality control 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Quality improvement 

Yes, KnowledgeHut certifications are given to professionals who complete training under the guidance of a quality management expert. 

Quality management courses can potentially train professionals in understanding and implementing quality management principles. The quality management course syllabus covers a range of quality management practices and tools.

A few accreditation bodies offer quality management certifications to professionals either completing a course or passing an assessment.

Quality management courses will come in a wide range of training durations depending on the objective and the level of complexity.

Quality management certifications are available at a wide variety of prices. Some certifications like IASSC’s six sigma certification allow you to get certified if you pass the exam. In this case, your only cost is the exam fee. However, getting training before you attempt a certification exam is advisable. The specific cost of the training or certification would depend on the program you select depending on your goals and level of experience.

Yes, the scope of quality management has been increasing lately. There is a great demand for professionals who can control the quality of products and services and find ways to improve quality. 

Yes, there is a significant and growing demand for quality management professionals in most industries. A quality management online course gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the quality of products and services produced by an organization. 

Quality management is not hard to study if you are learning things gradually and have at least some practical experiences to relate your learning. 

Quality management training online goes beyond improving quality. It also enhances customer satisfaction and contributes toward cost savings.

The requirements for quality management certification courses online will vary between different quality management programs. Please check the relevant course page for quality management certification requirements and eligibility criteria for online quality management courses with certificates. 

Quality management certifications prove your skills and knowledge in understanding and practicing quality management in an organization. 

Quality management courses online teach you how to champion quality practices at an organization at various stages. 

A quality management professional takes responsibility for planning and controlling quality. They provide both quality assurance and quality improvements. 

Quality management training certification courses train professionals to plan, monitor, assure and improve the quality of products and services produced by an enterprise. 

Total Quality Management is an approach where an organization prioritizes customer satisfaction and gets every employee across all levels to work with this perspective to gain long-term benefits. This approach puts the responsibility of improving quality and processes and reducing errors on every employee in the organization. 

Quality management certification jobs can be varied. Any of the following job roles will benefit from a quality management certification online:

  • IT Managers 
  • IT Analysts 
  • HR Managers 
  • Team Managers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Change Managers 
  • Finance Managers 
  • Program Managers 
  • Improvement Managers 
  • Quality System Managers 
  • Operational Line Managers 

Several certifications are available for professionals who want to get into quality management. You may be required to take training or clear an exam or do both depending on which certification you choose to pursue. You should check which quality management certification programs are most suitable according to your experience level, career goals, and interests when exploring courses for quality management. 

The best course in quality management would depend on what is most beneficial to you regarding your current level of experience and expertise. If you are new to quality management, you should take a beginner-level course. Your quality management certification path may involve clearing an exam, finishing training, or both. Check the quality management course details for more information. 

Quite a few tools are used in courses related to quality management, cover the most common ones:

  • Flow Chart 
  • Check Sheet 
  • Cause and Effect Diagram 
  • Control Chart 
  • Pareto Chart 
  • Scatter Diagram 
  • Histogram 

Any professional interested in quality can pursue a quality management course. Quality System Managers, IT Managers, IT Analysts, Departmental Managers, Team Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers, Program Managers, Operational Line Managers, etc., are the usual job roles that benefit from a quality management course. Read about quality management course descriptions to find out if the course suits you. 

Quality management training courses online improve the products or services with a perspective of improving customer satisfaction through improving processes, reducing errors, and even saving costs. The quality management process provides benefits to all the stakeholders. Quality management certification salary can also be competitive.